Al Athar Marketing

Our marketing team is well trained to manage the brand at all fronts. We develop efficient work procedures that guarantee the brand is well served and meet the expectation of its target customers.

Brand Support

We apply various marketing techniques including product positioning strategies, appropriate product mix, market segmentation, and extensive merchandising efforts and marketing research to give the brand the support it deserves.

We make sure the supplier strategy for certain brands are executed well through proper coordination between our team, the supplier’s team, and our clients.

Media Special Operation

We use various media to support the branding activities. We chose to work with specialized media agents who respect the brand in the way we do, and understand the strategic objectives of our brands.

Al Athar Marketing

Distribution Network

ALAthar has been able to establish a very strong position in the Saudi market by being an original company created by the very own people of Saudi Arabia. Our distribution network covers all types of points of sale through out the Kingdom

Be part of our Family and be one of our Partner

Because we love what we do, we always maintain a good reputation in the market. Our aim is to flourish the business over the long run. We focus on building a healthy and profitable business with high image and good reputation.