Our Brands

Our Brands

Brand excellence 
Al Athar has a growing brand collection and many are exclusive.

Always on-trend 
We are first for new brand launches and make sure we are ahead of the fashion trends.

We’re a growing business, which continues to acquire new brands. We have proven success in introducing new, niche brands to market and making sure they soon become established favorites.

Brand support and promotion
We support our retail customers by providing them with regular brand promotions such as gift with purchase special offers, events to showcase new collections and invite make-up artists to demonstrate new looks and seasonal colors.

We also have a state-of-the-art stock control system.

We also provide tailor-made gifts for special occasions with customized packaging.
Our marketing team is well trained to manage the brand at all aspects.
We develop efficient work procedures that guarantee the brand is well served and meets the expectations of its target customers.

Marketing, merchandising and media 
We use sophisticated techniques including product positioning strategies, ensuring the most appropriate product mix, market segmentation and research.

We ensure there is full co-ordination between our team, the supplier’s team, and our retail clients.

We also use media to support branding activities, both in terms of public relations and advertising to ensure optimum brand awareness.

Our aim is always to maximize sales for retailers and to inspire and delight our end customers.